Target Data Directory suddenly changed during a sequence


During a long imaging session on 1/19/2018 SGP suddenly started to save images in a different directory than the one specified in the Target Data dialog.

There were three targets specified for the evening’s run, each with a different file directory. The first target was M42, where the target directory was specified as “…\M42_GT102\Light…”. Four Events were specified to run capturing M42 with different sub exposures. At 00:21:01 (third event) the last sub (“”) was captured and stored in the proper directory. Then at 00:21:02 SGP changed the directory to “…\M81_82_GT102…” (which is the directory I had specified for the third target). The remaining M42 images were then stored in that, incorrect, directory.


I have attached the log for use in debugging this issue.