Target markers - set Target Position issue?

SGP version

Here’s my scenario:

  • manually focus and manually center my target
  • Target markers > Target Position
  • then start sequence on that target

I would expect the actual telescope position to replace the current target position defined in the sequence after I went through the first 2 steps described above; apparently it does not, unless I missed something.

How can I achieve this?


The Target and Focus markers are manually set positions that are not linked to the object coordinates. May be the target position should update the current object target position…the Target/Focus markers are held over prior to the days of plate solving. Ideally you shouldn’t use the Target Marker and should prefer auto centering. I’ll see about making this change.


I believe that when using “center here,” the option to update the current target coordinates should be offered, or using a similar intuitive function.
For instance when shooting m81 and m82 on the same frame you want to center close to the middle of both objects.

Rodolphe Goldsztejn .