Target planner quirk?


I am putting together a new sequence with profile. One of the targets is NGC 2264 (The christmass tree cluster).

My start time was set for 3:00 am (tomorrow) until 4:00 am (tomorrow) the sequence planner gives me an error that states (Capture will end when target is below the horizon). I have checked and re-checked and pretty sure this is not true. Even the event planner shows the target at 62 degrees above the horizon at 5:00 am?

If I simply ignore the warning will it still run?
What is the nature of this error?
Did I get something wrong?

Oh in case you want to view from my location in software I am in Tallahassee Florida

Forgot to add the screengrab! This is a different target but same errors?

Could this be because of the Month change?

Yes, BUT, notice your altitude values failed to calculate properly… thus the warnings.

Probably not… BUT, what version of SGPro are you using? Can you provide the sequence?

It’s version 3.03.169

I went to copy over the sequence file but file explorer shows it as a 0 byte file?

This may be due to the fact I tried a beta version and had issues (all target coordinates were not read) with an older sequence. So I re-installed the 3.03.169.

May have to do a fresh install I guess.

Going back to 3.0 will require that you restore all profile and sequences that have a “bak” extension.

Anyhow, I have fixed so many issues in the planner and I thing the 3.1 release is just days away… There is a very strong chance this has already been resolved.

Thanks for that.

Hrm I went an looked at the sequence file it is not a 0 byte file but rather the suffix is 0

Sequence.0 instead of Sequence.sgf ?

Also noticed that there is no user profile associated to the sequence and I cant for the life of me figure out how to apply a User Profile to an existing sequence!

Equipment profile no problem.

I ‘think’ I managed to get a drop box link to the profile…

That is a legacy 3.0 profile. Removing the 0 and replacing with sgp should be fine (I have no idea how it got that way). That said, I am unaware of any major issues left in 3.1 and I am aiming for release on Sunday (or close to it). Not sure why you went back to 3.0, but whatever it was is probably gone now.

I went back because when I tried to load an existing sequence and start it ALL of the targets gave an error, something about the coordinates at the start and end times.

Also still don’t know how to apply a User Profile to a sequence?

This is an issue that was only seen when you did not have a user profile attached to the sequence. It has been fixed in betas after (will release today I think). That doesn’t mean they wont show up, but they will no longer show up just because you chose to not associate a user profile.

See here:

That is for 3.1. For 3.0, it’s almost the same… just click the little down arrow below the file naming text field.

Thank you for your help and time.

Looking forward to the new release!

The start time show the morning of 11/30 and ending the morning of 12/01. That’s close to being 24 hours.

Ummm no, thanks but it shows as start time of 3:00 am “Tomorrow” and end time of 4:00 am “Tomorrow” or some such for each target.

There is no way I can think of to set a target in the AM that does not automatically select “Tomorrow”. In fact I think the logic based on using the Today/Tomorrow was specifically intended to prevent a 24 hour blunder :smiley:

The first target in the sequence starts around 7:00 pm and the last target ends at around 6:00 am “Tomorrow”. Around 12 hours.