Target remaining timer question


For a given target I am not positive how many frames can be captured before an end time expires, so I set it to some arbitrary number (e.g., 100). When the sequence is running it shows the time remaining is based on the number of frames and not the end time. Can we have the time remaining do this instead: At each time the time remaining value is calculated, it determines the value based on a) end time - current time, and b) a time estimate based on the number of frames remaining. The value displayed would then be the lesser of the two values.



Yes it will be nice to show the estimated finished time which is actual time + estimated delay time for the target


Perhaps it would be best to leave time remaining as it is and have an estimated completion time field which would include the end time in the calculation. I’m forever looking at the time remaining and the clock to estimate the completion time - it would be great to have SGP do that calculation.


What I do now is use a countdown timer program I downloaded from the Internet. When the target is started I take the current time - target end time and put that in the countdown timer. Now I have a clock which shows me the time remaining for this target.

For example, if I set the end time to 10 pm and it is now 9.30 then the target will finish in 30 minutes. The countdown timer shows 30 minutes remaining and counts down. The SGP target remaining time shows 4 hours because it uses the # of frames to calculate when the target will finish. Clearly 4 hours is not right … it is 30 minutes. Big difference. Anyway, it is a free countdown timer, remains on top of all windows and has nice big numbers … so easy to see.


I thought the time remaining field was to tell us how much more time is needed to complete this target. This is where the calculation is the most difficult because it may involve multiple filters, exposure times etc… The time remaining to when you have set the sequence to end is trivial - I just look at the clock to do that one.
I think adding some AI to the time remaining calculation would be more helpful so that it automatically works out the download, process and save time penalty plus the average time per sub used in auto focusing. I did this manually and got a surprise at how much extra time I needed to add to the exposure time before the time remaining calculation got to be fairly accurate