Telescope Nudge Speed?


Hi. I’m just beginning to use SGP and have been running it through its paces inside. I am connected to my Avalon M Uno via ASCOM which connects fine. The lowest telescope nudge speed in the telescope control panel is 1 deg/sec but when I hit nudge it seems to move at slew speed. And even when in low speed, if I try to set it lower, it defaults back to 1 deg/sec. The Avalon has 4 speeds in StarGo, guide, center, find and slew. When I need to finely center a target I use either find or center which is a small fraction of slew speed. How can I accomplish this in SGP? Thanks.



Your log file will dump speeds reported by your driver as usable. If it reports four speeds or ranges, you can select any 2for use in SGPro


Thanks Ken. But it will allow me to use only one speed, the default “1” which visually appears to be the mount’s fastest slew speed. Whenever I try to enter any lower number it defaults back to that. It’s not a big deal as it appears that I can control the mount movement with the StarGo panel open separately in the background. It just creates more screen clutter and I thought there might be a simple solution.