Telescope sync?


Hello everybody. Meanwhile, for me SGPRo grows to a “one for all” system, I’m really excited. Today I have integrated the Ascom OnStep Telescope Control. Wonderful.
But I have one more question:
if you move to a certain position in the sky, how do you syncronize the telescope control to the sky coordinates? On the OnStep control (in Sky Planetarium) - if known? - is there e.g. a “Sync” button. In SGPro but only the OnStep control over Ascom is used, NOT the Sky Planetarium. But I also have to have a possibility in the SGPro to sync the telescope! Or does that happen with PlateSolve usage? If so, I have to serve something sync.
Since these words have been translated automatically, I hope you understand my problem ??

Nice greetings


Hi Wacky,

On the Telescope tab of both the Control Panel and Equipment Profile Manager there is a drop down list that lets you sets the Sync behavior. If you set this to “Sync”, plate solving will sync the mount when it gets a good solve solution.

It has been over two years since I used my On Step controller and I have forgotten exactly how sync was done with it.

I hope this helped. Your language translation program works fine.



Thank you, Bob, that was the answer I wanted! :slight_smile: It’s similar to
my “MyFocuser_Pro” control: since SGPro controll it, I did not
have to worry about the Ascom Windows app anymore.

  I'm looking forward to the first attempts with it - IF again stars

in the sky have replaced the rain …: - (((