Temperhum setup and 'other equipment' menu missing


Hi I am migrating from APT to SGP for the autofocus improvement, but this is about the environment sensor, TemperHum. This works great in APT, even adding the temp and humidity to the file name if wanted. The temp and humidity reads fine as well (i see some old posts on here about issues with wrong readings?). However i can’t get it to work in SGP at all? Help file talks about ‘other equipment options’ menu, under ‘Tools’, ‘Options’, but the tab is missing altogether? I can see the temperhum device listed in the environment dropdown in the sequence window, but get an ‘error connecting to the temperhum’ message.
SGP Version: full licence

Can someone help me out here please?


Am I wrong or was TemperHum support removed because of poor drivers and support from Temperhum?

I had one a long time ago and even then it totally sucked.


I was waiting/hoping to see someone else would add to this topic, but i dont get how/why ‘it totally sucked’ CCDMan? Simple device, no driver install in APT and it just works, (and appears accurate on temp and humidity) so i still don’t get why it’s getting a bad rep here. I even installed the ‘software’ pretty basic, but displays and logs readings on my windows10 laptop.

What are my other options for temperature logging then?


The problem wasn’t necessarily the device itself. Just that there were a lot of variants of the device that all needed specific support and there were no libraries for the device. So if you had one that worked with SGP then it was great. If you didn’t then you were out of luck. Sadly many of these devices looked identical and had no distinguishing markings on them. At one time we had close to 10 of these devices for testing and at least 4 looked identical but used completely different types of communication to get the data.

In the end the problem was that we just couldn’t tell people “These are the devices that you need to get to work with SGP” because they kept changing the SDKs and it was a nightmare to support.

But it still exists in SGP, it is just unsupported. Just expand the device options and look for “TEMPerHUM” under the Environment devices. Maybe it works…maybe it doesn’t :man_shrugging:




Ok, thanks Jared. Any suggestions for cheap Temp measurement for use with autofocus.

PS: i see the temperhum, in list as shown, but just get an error message


Hi Mike,

I had the same issue with my TEMPerHUM. As a consequence I made my own ASCOM compatible temperature and humidity sensor. You find some information here. Maybe it helps…



Thanks Kai
Yes you have exactly the same problem, but a nice solution thanks! I’m not used to the arduino and stuff, but looks like I will need to get on to it



There are also these meteostations:

I’ve got the MBox which works quite well. But have never tried using it as part of autofocusing. Don’t see why it wouldn’t work though.



I use the BlueAstro weather stick by the late Per Frejvall. Not sure if it is still available. TS still list it.


Thanks for the feedback on the Blue astro and the Mbox, both look good, if a little pricey.