Testing Notification System with GNS


On semi-regular (or less) occasions I do something that causes Windows to tell me that SGP has stopped working. As best I can remember it has been early in the night’s process, before actually starting a sequence. I have never paused to try to figure out what happened - I’m always pushing to get everything up and running.

So recently I started the 45 day trial of the SGP Notification System add on. I proved that GNS would work (by GNS’s CMD method)on my Kindle tablet and purchased that app. I wanted do some further testing inside SGP so I tried to set up a sequence with simulators which is something I had never done before. Well I did something wrong, I don’t know what, and I got the Windows message that SGP had stopped working. I believe the message box for that has a “cancel” option button and I pressed that. That closed the SGP instance and then the GNS “barking owl” started up. The only way I could get GNS to stop barking was to shut the Kindle off. After that the GNS app wouldn’t work so I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling it and it started working again.

So I’m thinking that in practice this may not occur again because I’d probably not start GNS on the Kindle until the sequence had been up and running. And I don’t think I’ve had the “stopped working” after that point.

Here’s what this has to do with a feature request: Would it be possible for the Notification System to have a test button for GNS like the one for email notifications? Something that would cause GNS to bark?

Also if I have another “stopped working” would it do any good and/or would you be interested in seeing the log?



Certainly. Sometimes there is also information with the stopped working dialog too. To the best of your knowledge, a detailed description of how you produced the issue as well.


Hi Mark,

seems two different issues here, one SGP stopping working, and one the GNS forcing you to shut down the tablet etc.

Any problem specific to the GNS (like you having to shut down the tablet…) probably best addressed directly to me or in our user forum, in order to respect MainSequence’s - unless Ken or Jared say otherwise.

Best regards,




If it happens again, I’ll do my best to recall what my click happy self did:-)


Hi Jaime

I agree there are two issues. On the GNS side, I have since learned that there is a way to force an app to close without shutting down the tablet. If a similar situation occurs I’ll try that first.


Ok, Mark.

If it happens again, a screen capture (or even a photo taken with a mobile)
when the “Stop” button becomes unresponsive would be great.


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