Thanks to the SGP team


Using this post I want to thank the SGP team for their efforts since the launched SGP. I’m using SGP for almost a year now and it’s the best piece of software I purchased (together with PixInsight). They’re always on top of everything and the DO listen to the questions and requests. Keep up the good work guys!



+1 I totally agree


+1 too



and me too well done


SGP is a must! Thank you!!!


I concur. I keep asking myself why the “old guard” still uses the “other guys”. I have no sane answer.


Thanks for all your support. While we have software that we believe in, we owe many thanks to those folks that go out of their way to promote SGPro outside the bounds of this forum (we do read them…).

Secondly, I would like to thank you for being patient with us. SGPro is not a “quit your day job” adventure. Sometimes, the progress can seem slow for things we have promised and have not yet gotten around to. Thanks for not jumping ship when we are unable to improve upon SGPro as fast as we’d like to.


I love SGP. In meetings with other astronomers I do talks explaining its operation.

Also, I am preparing an article for “UniversoLQ” magazine ( in Spanish ) as a basic tutorial for those that have not yet decided to buy it.


+1 | for me SGP is the best all round software (especially for low/mid budget amateur observatories) and much better usability than other products!