The SGP NewBie Questions

Hoi I am newbie and i like to move to SGP

I struggle with some issue. i think its the workflow or the concept i don’t understand

  1. where to save the sequence, i mis the button some where in sequence screen.
  2. Secondly how to start and stop automatically
    Because quiting the app, say gear still active, they must be stopped
  3. How and where to define my horizon so the sequence know to go to the other target i have lot of trees so the sequence time is different for S or W when target is set.
  4. where do i find goto object module
  5. I am building a flat panel based up on ceiling led lighting il like to control it via Arduino with 1 relay . How can i switch it on and of in SGP doe some one have ASCOM driver for that

I think because i don’t understand the work follow/Concept it’s different than other i have these question but it looks after one session that aim in.


Gear connected

Top left corner.


If you’re asking what I think you are, then you don’t quit the app. You set appropriate parameters (Safety monitor conditions, recovery mode, start and stop times, etc) for the targets and events in your sequence, and then let SGP stay running and connected.

Horizon is defined in the Planning Tools. You can set a single horizon, you cannot set a different horizon for S vs W.

There is no “GoTo Object Module”. If you want GoTo capability, some other application or your mount’s hand control must provide it.

SGP will slew to any set of coordinates you’ve defined as a target in a sequence, by right clicking the target and selecting “Slew To Target”

Ken and Jared have said support for the ASCOM Switch interface is coming, but it is not yet available. SGP does currently support a couple of specific Flat Box implementations, but nothing “generic” that I’m aware of.

In the meantime, @Jared wrote some Arduino Lightbox code several years ago which you may find here, and this thread at CN details one user’s use of it along with some inexpensive hardware to DIY an Alnitak knock-off.


  1. That simple :blush:
  2. Mmmm, Safety monitor conditions, recovery mode, start and stop times where can i find this?
  3. This was also related to 2. because when object moves behind a tree than i can go to the next traget i know that you can do this in for example the CdC but this doent interact with the sequence, so i thing if the aim of the product is this at then run an unattend session its of of the import things.
  4. Oke Clear
    5.Thanks i will look in that @Jared would be great to have ascom drive which open en close relays.

The aim for m me is at the end of sequence to park de mount, in that situation the the OTA is in the front of the Flat Panel and then start sequences like Flats. Darks and bias .
Is this some how possible? Or configure this by my self via scripting?

The reason for this is that i like to build remote Obs and the aim is to control it with SGP

Super thanks for your reaction


  1. Yep, that simple!

  2. Various places. Depends on what you’re looking for. It’s all available through the UI, you just have to learn what process you’re trying to accomplish.

    An example might be something like this

    • You want imaging to begin at 9:30 pm, and end at 4:00 am. You would set these values in the start and stop times for the target.
    • You want your observatory to close, and the mount to park, if conditions become unsafe. (Clouds, rain, etc). You would need some sort of device/sensors/etc to detect such conditions, and then use an ASCOM Safety Monitor. There are different types for different kinds of safety devices.
    • You want SGP to restart after things become SAFE again. You’d need a beta version of SGP (that’s a beta feature only right now) and to configure it correctly in the SGP settings.

    So you see, there’s all kinds of options, features, devices, and drivers that might all interact in one way or another to provide you with unattended continuous imaging over several nights. Thus, there is no “go here and click this” answer to your question. But the short version is : You don’t stop and start SGP…you leave it running, and it can be configured to do a great many things automatically for many sets of conditions.

  3. You’ve found the Feature Request for that topic. :slight_smile:

  4. :slight_smile:

  5. The CN thread I linked has everything you need. It links to Jared’s arduino code, has discussion and diagrams about the wiring and connections, and says it uses the Alnitak Command Set via the Arduino’s serial connection. The ASCOM driver you request already exists and is already supported by SGP…you’re just building the hardware. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your explanations, bits and pieces come togher. The workflow / Concept of SGP took more time than expected. Anyway I am Sold :wink:

So, to be sure, Its bad weather i can’t test. example:
I do L Sequence target 1 with post event park, after park than i execute my Flat sequence
after that the next Target sequencce can started the SGP wil unpark and slew to that target. Because next target is new set of events in the Sequence? Cool

thanks Chris

You probably don’t want to park between targets, but other than that, sure. Just move Flats event to the end of the sequence…it’s independent of target.

Thanks, its true, but it was pure if i understood correctly.

All my questions are answerd for now thanks
Waiting for clear skys