TheSkyXPro (latest build) and Centering


Just so I’m clear (as this seems to be a sensitive issue). I own a new MX+ mount and use TSX to model the mount and take advantage of very accurate slewing. If I buy/use SGP, as I understand it, you cannot use the Auto Centering function as it requires a sync command to be issued to TSX (which I take it is forbidden).

So I would be left with connecting the camera temporarily to TSX (Camera Add On), to perform a closed loop slew to center and frame the target. Then, I would reconnect the camera to SGP and start the sequence on that target.

Is this correct?


In a word, No.

More specifically, if you are using SGP, you really don’t need to worry about making a model in the mount because you will be using plate solving in SGP to accurately position your mount. It will work fine if you never make a model in TSX. I only make the model with my MX+ to do polar alignment and then don’t worry about it. If you are using TSX 10.3 then just let the ASCOM driver pass the sync through and slews won’t ever be that far off anyway, even if the sync corrupts the model somewhat. If you are using TSX 10.5 (the newest one) then you can use the offset method for centering in SGP and not pass the sync through the driver. This requires the latest beta of SGP and works great and also doesn’t affect the TSX model. However there is a bug in SGP with this. It’s not a big deal but every time you start SGP and open a sequence you need to go to the telescope tab in control panel and select offset, even if it’s already selected. You need to select it again or it won’t work. It will then work fine all night.



I’m using version SGP

When you say “telescope tab/select offset”

Do you mean, select telescope settings/Enable Tracking Offsets?

I don’t see an offset select box in the telescope tab screen…

Rick Kuntz MS, CCT
cardiofuse observatory


Darn, I see it under Sunc behavior (was dimmed when not connected). I did a permanent change which seems to hold in the Equipment Profile Manager. I’m not sure what it does though.


With the current build it will stay set to offset but when you restart SGP it will need to be set again. It will still say offset but it won’t work. You need to change it to sync then back to offset and it will work. It will use offsets from the last solve to center the telescope instead of requiring a sync. It’s new to SGP so all the kinks haven’t been worked out yet.