This why I Love using SGP!


We finally got a clear night the other night, Ohio weather sucks, anyway I took advantage of the opportunity. Went out got everything setup and fired up SGP. SGP is like magic, SGP slewed, plate solved and centered on my target to within 30 pxs. Told me how far to rotate my camera for the mosaic, did the autofocus, fired up PHD2 started guiding and stated imaging. Yep, time for a Meridian Flip, did that for me too. What a GREAT piece of software! Here’s the image I got of Orion. It’s a 2-panel mosaic taken with my ATIK 383L+OSC, Scope is an AR102 using a Baader Planetarium 2” Semi-APO filter. Since scope is only an AR the filter is a BIG help controlling the chromatic aberrations on the stars. One of these days maybe I can afford a APO.

Anyway, Thanks Ken, Jared, and all of the beta testers for all of your hard work.


Ditto that !


Nice job :slight_smile:


Very nice with Achro scope!!!