Time in fits header missmach between UTC and LOC time



I am facing an issue with the Fits header time stamp and don’t know how to fix it.

Camera Moravian G3 16200, SGP, Loc time UTC-3

The camera driver reports the Local starting time

SGP correrctly detects it according to the SGP traces. Clever…

…But SGP does not corrects it afterward, and uses this time stamp as an UTC time stanp

So SGP writtes a wrong Loc and UTC time in the Fits header

-> is there a way to tell SGP that the camera is repporting LOC time and not UTC, may be an option or a toggle switch (between UTC and LOC) somewhere I could not find yet ?

If not yet implemented, it could be usefull…unless SGP automatically corrects it

Here is the trace extract

[04/08/18 23:52:20.930][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Camera - Camera reports last image start time as: 2018-04-08T23:46:54 UTC
[04/08/18 23:52:20.930][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] DATE-LOC time provided by camera…

FITs header gives:

DATE-LOC 2018-04-08T20:46:54
DATE-OBS 2018-04-08T23:46:54

Thanks for your help


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