Time to end sequence


does SGP show anywhere during a running sequence the actual clock time that a sequence is projected to finish?


It does not. It would not be super hard, but it would also not be simple. The current timer shows integration time to complete the target / sequence which is not the same as estimated time the sequence will finish (meaning we can’t just take the time now and add the remaining integration time to arrive at an answer). We would need to come up with some time guessing code that considers things like target / sequence end times, whether or not you can finish light frames with dark left, likelihood of non-deterministic events, etc. While I like the idea of it I just fear that the accuracy of it may not be worth the effort involved.


thanks for the reply. I have to say I love what you guys have done with this program! It has made astrophotography simple and less of a worry! Thank you! and my wife thanks you that I’m not always going out in the middle of the pasture in the middle of the night to check on things!