Time to Flip not working after updating to latest iOptron ASCOM Mount Driver


I updated to the latest iOptron ASCOM Mount Driver and now Time to Flip stays at “N/A”.

I reverted back to iOptron ASCOM Mount Driver 5.4 and Time to Flip works again. So iOptron Driver 5.6.2 breaks the Time to Flip function in SGP I understand this version is no longer supported but wanted to report anyway in case there was an option to resolve this.

I have a CEM60EC and SGP lastest version before 3.0, latest version ASCOM platform, and Windows 10 Home 64 bit. Please review and provide recommendation. Thanks.



It is probably not reporting side of pier.

Had this issue with a Celestron CGX mount. They updated it pretty quickly though once aware of it.


If you can provide a log where the flip failed or where the mount was just connected we can likely provide some insight.



I’ll see what I can provide.