Tool Tip for "Minimum star size at 1x1 (px) is wrong


Tool Tip for "Minimum star size at 1x1 (px) says: “Adjust the maximum number stars that Autofocus will”…

So that doesn’t seem right.

What is the correct tool tip for that parameter? Is it just the ArcSec per pixel you are imaging at?

I’m currently imaging at 0.77 arcsec per pixel and a value of 2, for minimum star size (just because somebody in a post said “I would try a value of 2”) seems to work OK. What would the correct value be?


PS if it’s related to arcsec per pixel, wouldn’t you just derive it from the “Scale (1x1)” setting in the camera tab of the control panel?


I see the help file entry, and am still lost:

“You can tell if you need to adjust this by visually inspecting the “AF boxes””

Huh? Visually inspecting them for what?


That setting is used to set the minimum size (HFR) that SGP should consider a “star” anything below that will be rejected.

You can turn on the “Stars” boxes in SGP and adjust the “Minimum Star Size” such that small stars are getting picked up but read noise/hot pixels are not getting picked up.