Tracking/guiding not stopped while waiting


I have a 1 hour waiting period between 2 targets, i expected SGP to stop tracking and guiding, but tracking is still going and so i guiding.
What’s good is that SGP does at least not end the sequence during this waiting period like it has done before.

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Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

You do not have the option to stop guiding while waiting checked and SGPro has never altered the state of the mount when waiting (though we will make adjustments here for SGPro 4).


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I knew it had been implemented, but didn’t know it was an option to turn it on/off.
Personally i don’t see much reason why someone would like to keep the mount tracking/guiding while waiting thou, i’d much rather see the option of parking the mount while waiting, and also the option or parking the mount and observatory while waiting.

Defaults to “off” because that replicates existing behavior… no surprises.

I indicated this would be for 4.0 as it is more complicated and requires some code restructuring (I think). If it turns out I’m wrong and this is actually simple, I have no issue adding it to 3.1.