Treat User Profile Like Equipment Profile


There is more than one way to “attach” an equipment profile to a sequence and then the equipment profile name is displayed nest to the sequence name just above the target list. All good.

  1. Request the capability be added to SGP to select user profile along with equipment profile in “New Sequence With Profile”.

  2. If not/also, request the user profile name be added to the sequence title bar alongside the equipment profile name.

The first would help mobile observers keep the observing site lat and lon correct.

The second would help all users keep a more positive control over what profiles are associated with sequences.

Jim Seargeant



Is this to avoid having to pick it on the sequencer dialog? If you change user profiles a lot, I would just set a default for new sequences. I would prefer not to clutter the workflow for equipment profile application to a sequence. The application of an equipment profile to a sequence is in the menu because there is no other way to do it. The application of a user profile is three clicks and is not associated with equipment profiles.

BUT… to help you remember that you (might) need to change the active user profile, I have added the user profile to the sequencer title bar. Hopefully that will help.


Ken, adding the user profile to the sequencer title bar should do the job.
No other changes needed (I think).

Jim Sgt