Trying to connect to Android SkySafari~VMware Problem


I have two laptops. The described issue below happens on only one, but it is the newer/faster/preferred.

Last night I decided to try to connect to my laptop outside with my Nexus 7 tablet to see where I was in a long sequence of variable stars. Both laptop and tablet were connected to home wireless network ( SGP on the laptop wanted me to connect to This is a VMware Ethernet IP adapter address on the laptop, but not an IP address I can use to access my laptop or telescope.

Going under the hood, I disabled the VMware adapter and sure enough the changed to a different address, but unfortunately I had two VMware adapters listed and I got the second network. Disabling the second finally gave me a IP address on my network that I can connect to successfully.

Nobody’s complained about this in the past so it probably isn’t a big deal.