TSX Pro Image Link


Can I use SGP with my MX+ mount and utilize the mounts Image Link and Plate solving features (not the one built into SGP)?


I’m not sure what Image Link is, but the short answer is likely “no” unless “Image Link” can monitor a folder of images and update the mounts position based on the latest image.

If it needs direct access to a camera then it likely won’t work as SGP should have exclusive access to it.



Thank you. When you take a picture with the Camera-Add On feature of TheSkyXPro you can right-click and send the picture to “ImageLink” when then utilizes an installed database to plate-solve the picture. I didn’t know if SGP could initiate this feature (like a macro, I suppose).


You won’t be able to do that with TSX. That said, SGPro offers the same exact functionality. You can right click any image and attempt to solve it.