Unable to control temp on my ATIK 383L+ Mono CCD in SGP


I haven’t been able to do much imaging over the last 5 months due to constant cloud. But tonight I connected my ATIk 383l+ Mono CCD to SGP and could not get the camera cooled. After switching USB cables, switching computers (both running Windows 7 64Bit Pro) I got the same results. I then wen into ATIKS native “Artemis Capture” software and I can contol the temperature in that program, so I presume it is not the camera.

When connecting the camera in SGP and the temp is set to commence when connected, the green progress bar will move completely across the screen as in completed but the temperature only indicates -0.1 or -0.2° and doesn’t go down any further.

I have the lastest .17 revision of SGP and went back to .16 and got excactly the same result. Because I haven’t used my 383L+ for over 5 months and there’s been about 4 or 5 revisions of SGP, maybe I have to go back further and try another re-install. Unless I have got something entered in a parameter of SGP that I haven’t changed that is causing this reading to remain near 0°.

If the camera can be controlled with ATIK’s software, (which I verified 3 times and achieved the desired temperature), then I would think the probllem has to be in SGP. And, maybe it is me that has missed something here.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,



You have topmost your logs. There is a pasty on the front page.


Consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Atik drivers. There was a bug in a recent version and a new version was put up on July 5th. Make sure you have that one. I don’t know what version that is right now.



Hi Chris,

I just finished doing that before I read your e-mail and all is working now.
I’m a little confused that under Windows Programs

it shows: ASCOM Atik camera driver 7.01.38091

Yet in SGP under the Camera Selection of ATIK Camera 2 it says (drop down


Driver Version

I removed the ATIK Universal bundle and re installed the latest an that is
what I got as shown above.

Thanks for your reply Chris


PS: With the number of very few days to image, and thinking everything is
now settled…and then this cost me another great imaging night.

Time to go back and play the pianoi!

I also found a thread on the ATIK forum re this temperature feedback error.