Unable to get objects in frame and mosaic


I am unable to load objects in frame and mosaic unless connected to the internet. Have downloaded and installed APM and UCAC3PC and have green links when looking at the directories. Works fine as long as I am in WIFI range, but have no connectivity in the Dome. I thought plate solve used the catalogs for that. Is there a setting I need to enable to have the look up default to the catalogs instead of the internet?


Framing and Mosaic Wizard requires internet connectivity to fetch images. You can run it on another machine or do it before heading out to the observatory and save the sequence. But to fetch the images you just have internet access.



Is there a limit to how many entries you can have in the frame and mosaic cache? Seems like more than the page without moving the slider down seems to get corrupted. At some point (larger than the initial page) the data seems to overwrite other stuff…you might see an image of m42 when you requested m101 for example. Since internet is required for the first download I wanted to have a bunch of stuff stored so on a whim I could look around to different objects. The cache doesn’t seem editable, other than delete the whole thing. Is there a way to save the downloaded frame and mosaic images to a file that you can read? I see where the mosaic files are stored, but you can’t tell what they are…


I don’t know if there is a limit, but I have 113 entries in the cache going
back over a year and I’ve never had a problem with the cache getting
corrupted. So I think there’s something else outside of SGP going on in
your PC.

I don’t think there’s any way to edit the cache, other than delete the
whole thing.