Unsafe - dome didn't close


Foregive me - in my old age my memory isn’t so good.
Last night unsafe condition was flagged and SGP did end of sequence
options. It didn’t close or home the dome.

I THINK someone said to me before that I have to open the dome from SGP? in order for it to close when unsafe? Is this true? I have been opening it with a button on poth.


It’s all in the manual: http://www.mainsequencesoftware.com/Content/SGPHelp/SequenceGeneratorPro.html?SlaveSettings.html

The dome must be slaved to the mount and “Mount Park Closes Shutter” selected.


My mount wasn’t parked either. (dome was slaved in SGP)


Was “Park when sequence completes” selected in Telescope settings? That should make the mount park when the sequence ends.


Looking at that link now.
here is how I was set. But I had opened the shutter from a poth button.


I also was informed that a sequence has to be running in order for SGP to flag unsafe and run end of deq options?

But in the help file It says.

Safe/Unsafe Status:

The current Safety Monitor implementation relies on the ASCOM “Safety Device” which supports a single status of Safe or Unsafe. When the device is reporting Safe everything operates as normal. When the device reports Unsafe the End of Sequence options are executed. This is true even if the sequence is not running. <-------- ???

The “End of Sequence” options are set on different devices. For instance when the sequence ends due to an unsafe condition you may want to:

•Warm up your camera (turn off the TEC)
•Park your telescope
•Close your observatory.


okay found under scope in control panel - I had "stop tracking on seq complete. (unsafe?)
I changed to park when deq completes. Then with dome dome parks with mount should handle it.
still must a seq be running or no? help says no.


As far as I know, unsafe conditions affect anything only when a sequence is running.