Upgrade to 3.0 Path?


I have version 3 installed on a separate laptop that now says “12 days remaining”. I don’t think I’ve seen the “upgrade path” from the 2.0x version I have (+ framing module + notification system). Is this information available? What happens when the beta runs out? It ceases to work or do I uninstall and re-install version 2?

Jan Porter


Is this a difficult question?


Have you read through this thread?

There’s still 11 days remaining on the beta and I believe that the intent is to release a new beta before that runs out. But even if that doesn’t happen you can always install the stable release 2x version and use it.


Thanks - I did read the thread, but didn’t see that installing a new beta “reset the clock” - maybe I just missed it. But thanks for clearing that up. The one issue I see in “going backwards” is that new events created in 3.xx or not backwardly compatible with 2.x. Not a real big deal as long as I know I’m fairly safe with 3.0 not expiring as long as it’s beta.


I have also the version and only 3 days left…:sweat:


What are the advantages of 3.0 over the current SGPro other than the add-on’s being included?

  • Planning Tools
  • Addons Included
  • Native ZWO Support
  • Bug fixes and updates (2.X will no longer be actively developed)
    • Which will likely include INDI support for all devices
  • The admiration of all your friends and imaging buddies



looking for some clarification with Beta versions 3.0.XX. I purchased V3.0.XX last month. Why does the 45 day trial period continue to show and continue to count down each day? Does this mean I will always be required to upgrade to the latest 3.0.XX beta version even if I find a 3.0.XX beta version that I like and do not want to update?



Hi Mark,

as I understand it, you cannot buy SGP v3 yet since it is still a beta version and not an official release. You bought SGP v2. Upgrade to v2 with costs will be possible when v3 is made public as an official release.



3.0 has not been released for sale yet. That was Version 2. The betas always expire 45 days after they’re released (not installed, but released). We release betas typically a week or 2 before the last one is set to expire (however we were a little later than that this time).

Once 3.0 is released the license will be for a… of 3.X. If you don’t want to update to a specific version you are never forced to. However we do not keep legacy versions around so it will be up to you to make sure you have a copy of that installer.



However, on Nov 22nd I paid Main Sequence Software $99 via Paypal for what I thought was the upgrade to version 3. I’m I due a refund or credit until version 3 is released?



Sure, we can refund. Just shoot us a message to support@mainsequencesoftware.com with your PayPal email that SGP was purchased under.


Jared Wellman
– Co-Founder and Developer



Will purchasing SGP v2 now allow for a free upgrade to v3, or should I wait until v3 goes up for sale?



It will not allow for a free upgrade in all cases. We’ll upgrade users automatically that purchased SGP2 within 90 days of the SGP3 release. Outside of that there will be a cost to upgrade.

Thank you,



Is there a plan to provide notice of the new release? If so how much notice do you plan to give?

If I was a new user contemplating purchase of sgp I’d be reluctant to buy now knowing a new version might come out in 3 months time and I’d need to cough up more for it. 12 months seems more reasonable.


It’s not like we’re ceasing support for 2.6. 2.6 will continue to function. So you’re still getting the version you paid for and a discount on the 3.0 upgrade.

I do realize that some users may want to wait for 3.0 and that’s fine if they want those features over having 2.6 now.



With the change to the pricing model, if I were a new user then I’d probably hold off purchasing. It’s the uncertainty on the release date for 3.0 that’s causing these questions.

I know you can’t say “it’s going to be Feb-18” for example, but why don’t you consider offering a longer free upgrade period for new users during this transition phase? Perhaps make an announcement that any new users purchasing 2.6 from now on will get a free upgrade to 3.0 when it arrives.

If you don’t do this and people don’t buy 2.6 now then they will end up using something this season and could we’ll end up staying away from SGP for good.



I am wanting to Purchase SGP but will not buy until the new version is released. Frustratingly i am now past the trial period and now having to get to grips using another programme that i was not intending or wanting to use.
I agree that a “rough” timescale would help me decide to wait for release.


What’s the other program you are using?