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For the past six months I have been able to copy a URL from an Astro Bin image to the centering module and almost always without failure it loaded the RA and Dec coordinates, and orientation angle into the module so I could use it as a target. The past couple of weeks, however, it almost always fails. A message comes up saying that the host failed to plate solve the image so it cannot be loaded. Has anyone else had this problem and might anyone know how to solve it?

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Yes. It may have something to do with Astrometry.net having issues according to what I have heard.

Followup: Astrobin and Astrometry.net have verified that my image was platesolved. However, using the URL in SGP fails! Claims the image is NOT platesolved. One thing I noticed - which probably has nothing to do with the issue - is that Astrobin is now id-ing the images with alpha characters whereas in the past they have been numeric only.

Can you provide a sample URL for Astrobin that is failing?

This is one that won’t solve: https://www.astrobin.com/xrnufj/0/

I went to the site this morning and this is the first one I tried. It did not solve.

Sorry, here is the URL.

Astrobin is returning no data in response to SGPro’s queries. I have submitted a help ticket to Astrobin. I’ll update here with status.

@XCalRocketMan @watty1959

Salvatore from AstroBin has restored this functionality (was temporarily broken). Should be working again.

Thanks Ken - seems to be working again. Just need the clouds to move out so that I can image again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Ken. Much appreciated.