USB advice

Hi all,

I run my observatory on an old Dell optiplex which has started to give up.I have a replacement machine which I have swapped in for the time being. I remember a post here perhaps two years ago where someone had evaluated the use of a nuc6CAYH. I have one of these, but the number of USB ports is small and I need about 8 ish to run my gear. So my question is can I use a powered multi port USB2 hub to connect my gear?
Is this method reliable and issue free?

If anyone is using this approach successfully it would be great to hear about suitable available equipment and usage experiences.

If the approach would work, I would think to get a USB3 hub and use the USB3 port on the NUC to connect it.

Thanks for any help,

I use an NUC that is mounted on my pier (or tripod). I run one USB 3.0 cable and one power cable through the mount to the top of the scope. On top of the scope I have this Startech USB 3.0 hub. I’ve been using this combo for a few years and it works perfectly.

thanks Joel, much appreciated.