USB_Focus & SGP


Hey guys, I am using a USB_Focus stepper kit with SGP

Having a few issues with autofocus, is anyone here using one of these successfully? If so it would be great to compare settings, etc.


Hi Erik
I use USB focus3 with SGPro and work well after somes USB HUB connection problems.After 10 minutes température is NA but I dont know if it is from SGP or USB Focus . USB focus dont like USB Hub powered and run only on PC USB2.
Regarding auto focus,no problem.


I also use USB Focus and find it works very well with SGP - for focusing. I run it from a industrial powered hub and haven’t had any problems. However, like Regis, my temperature always reads NA. We should probably post about the temperature issue in the usb focus forum. I assume its their problem as SGP picks up the temperature from my Moonlite focuser.


hello i use also the usb-focus v3 heavyload…i used it first with an usb-hub but that worked not enough “steam”…
now i use an extension with an intern boost…i dont know how to discribe in english…
it shows temperature and works great with focus…on an SW8" PDS Newton with an G2-8300

steps set to 160 7count V-Curve
picture is older with steps around 170
and first focus run therefore no temp reading but it works


Thanks for your reply’s, I appreciate it :slight_smile: I get a temperature readout in SGP, so no problem there. Everything looks to be working well at the moment.

I also have some USB issues. I’m running the cable straight to the PC now and bypassing my hub, with mount and cameras connected to it.

I haven’t had the problem as of yet (tonight) but for a few nights, Windows had trouble connecting to the focuser, even though it was detected. Having it plugged in would also cause my PMX to loose is connection to TSX, and my CCD, would also report errors?

Nice V curve Werner, looks like mine did eventually. Your step size is pretty high, I thought mine was high at 90.


sorry must check here more often
i was at 190-220 before :wink: but less s sometime more…
try whats the best value for u…it can be smaller if the cross point of the to lines is the same (close bye) as the V-Curve…

usb cable is not=usb cable try different…is use an cable with active repeater only for focuser.ängerungskabel-Extension-Signalverstärkung/dp/B00AKCS5GE/ref=pd_sim_147_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=41b6XfZ59SL&dpSrc=sims&preST=AC_UL160_SR160%2C160&refRID=1CJB0NWJVAGVKSM4462M
for eq6,ccd fw…i use an hub…