Use environment device for temperature input - stopped working after switching to Focuser Boss II


Dear Ken, Jared,

I was happily using the the Stickstation for temperature input with my Micro touch controller.

However, after switching to Starlight Instruments’ Focuser Boss II / Optec FocusLynx controller, the data provided by the Stickstation is no longer available to the focus control despite all the relevant settings are in place to enable this :confused:

You can see the settings in the screenshot attached. Please kindly help me with this. The log file can be found here.




Oooops! Forgot to upload the screen shot:


@bilgebay Not really sure on this one. I cannot reproduce. What order did you connect? Did you set the options for temperature override while gear was connected or not connected?


This is weird indeed… never happened to me with the Microtouch.

“Did you set the options for temperature override while gear was connected or not connected?”

Did both…no difference.

Initially, I created the profile before connecting any equipment. Then I connected all the equipment with Ctrl+Shift+C.

I can give acces to my capture computer if you want to see the details yourself.




I’m not sure about this, but doesn’t the motor of the FBII have a temperature sensor operating with the LYNX system from Optec? Could it be SS and FB are fighting each other? I have the SS for controlling the 10u mount and the lynx temp sensor controlling focusing in sgp. I have envir. device unchecked in sgp.


Thank you for your suggestion Gunny. But no. At the moment, I’m using the controller with a Microtouch MSM20 motor. That motor doesn’t have a temp sensor.


@bilgebay Pretty sure I found the issue here…

Looks like you are not using the beta… If you’d like to switch to it, what I believe to be a fix for this issue will be available when I release the beta shortly…


Excellent news! Thank you Ken! In fact, I have already switched to the latest beta with the hope that it would cure the problem somehow but it didn’t. So, no problem. When you roll the new beta out, I will give it a try immediately.


@bilgebay It’s out.


After I replied to you, I realized that it was out :slight_smile: Downloaded it immediately and the problem is gone! You made my day, thank you Ken!



here is the proof!