Using a Canon EOS60D with SGP


Today I connected my Canon EOS 60D to the laptop and connected to SGP successfully. I selected FaF for 1 sec but the camera went into a continuous mode and had to be terminated. This left the ‘999’ (number of pictures) indicator flashing and the camera could only be used normally again after removing and reformatting the memory card.

The above took nearly an hour for me to fix.

I then rebooted the laptop to get SGP running again and re-connected the Canon. I repeated the process after carefully checking that nothing was forgotten - but SGP again took a series of pictures when the ‘take one’ icon was clicked causing the camera to fail identically. I have attached the log file and would really appreciate any comments on what I did wrongly. This is my first foray into DSLR imaging.

Lawrence Harris

sg_logfile_20190411190821.txt (21.6 KB)


Not really much in that log. I have a 60D. I’ll see if something has regressed there.



This is an earlier log from the session (prior to rebooting).

BTW Because it did connect, I am assuming that SGP has direct control (ASCOM not needed).

Lawrence Harris

sg_logfile_20190411190821.txt (21.6 KB)


I have the 60Da and had problems that I tracked down to having the camera set in the wrong mode when trying to take an image. Once I fixed that, everything worked as expected. This on


Please clarify! What mode. This is my first time with a DSLR camera.



I got myself confused and set the camera to M rather than B – always set the Camera to B (bulb) is my understanding (others might jump in a correct me here). Once I changed over the Camera worked fine.

If using a lens, make sure you have Manual Focus set as well. When using for Astronomy, turn off automatic noise reduction as that will take an internal dark frame each time and double the time it takes to get a single image. Take your dark frames with SGP and save them for later use.


Hello Mitch

This immediately worked!!! changing to B. the camera ‘lens’ is my C11 Edge.

Thank you :grinning:



Glad I could help sir!