Using local installation of Astrometry


I have a local version running under LINUX can I use this to plate solve? It looks likeIonly have ASTROMETRY. NET or a local ANSVR.





I think you have two options for using your existing instance on your Linux box.

  1. install and run the server code. I have never tried this so I’m not sure how hard or easy it would be.

  2. run ansvr on the linux box. ansvr is just a perl script that runs standalone and calls’s solve-field command. You’ll need to modify ansvr on line 65 to point to the location of solve-field if it is somewhere other than /usr/bin/solve-field

# # full path to solve-field executable # my $SOLVE_FIELD = '/usr/bin/solve-field';

I just tried running ansvr on an Ubuntu 15.10 machine and it ran ok, but the version of solve-field that I had installed there fails with an error reading the FITS image uploaded by SGP ( IOError: Header missing END card.) If you want to pursue this but you get the same error on your Linux machine, I would be willing to work with you to diagnose the problem and get it working. You can contact me at my email address on the ansvr download page.

If you just need blind solving, the most expedient thing to do would be to install ansvr on your windows box, that way you would have it running in a few clicks with minimal effort.