Using SGP just for Image capture and dither

This is a newby question. I am trying to use SGP just for image capture and dither to work with Innovations Foresight Skyguide, and Skyguard full frame guiding, and real time auto focus. The problem I am having is SGP is telling me that I need to connect to the mount, and the focuser in order to run a sequence and I use TheSkyX along with Astro Physics APCC Pro to control the mount and of course I want to use Skyguard to control the focuser. Is there a way to run a sequence with just the Imaging camera connected?
By the way I am running the new beta version of SGP because it has Skyguide/Skyguard as an option for autoguiding.

Yes. SGPro is asking you to connect this gear because you have, in some way, directed the sequence to use them. If you turn those options of in your sequence, SGPro won’t yell at you about them. When it does start yelling, it will usually have a little list in that same window that tells you which thing in the sequence is trying to use your mount or focuser.

Great! And thanks, that was it. I somehow had some boxes checked in the focus, and platesolve tabs.