Using SGP with CGX Mount


I’ve been trying to use SGP with my CGX Mount , while running the mount with the Planewave software, and the mount connected directly to my PC.
The problem I’m having is that after fetching and framing the image the mount does its go to, but doesn’t make it within the 50 pixel limit that I set. it doesn’t make the second move to finish plate solving. I plan to try it with the handset USB port connected to the PC. will this enable SGP to sucessfully plate solve? Any other advice on using this mount with SGP would be most appreciated!
Thanks, Doug


The Celestron Planewave software has been evolving rapidly so the first thing is to get the current CPWI version from the Celestron site. It is well worth joining the TeamCelestron forum, you will get access to the latest beta versions and be able to provide feedback directly to the developers.

Obviously log files, both SGP and the CPWI log files, will be essential.


My guess is that this software makes a model just like on my 10 Micron mount, adding new points to the model will only skew the model, not move it
An easy solution is to switch sync in SGP to “target offset” or “scope offset”