V2.5.2.4 & v2.5.2.5 have the same bug: SBIG Guider while checking for image complete: NO_ERROR


Hi friends,

I have SBIG STT-8300, so PHD use SGP API.
These nights, I find v2.5.2.4 & v2.5.2.5 have the same bug: SBIG Guider while checking for image complete: NO_ERROR.

Everytime the SGPro was choked on the same the 11th Bias frame:

The log file:
sg_logfile_20161103191338.zip (396.9 KB)
sg_logfile_20161103225649.zip (46.7 KB)
sg_logfile_20161103232911.zip (451.6 KB)

I hope this info could help you to find the bug.
Thank you~!


This issue happened again last night.
The log file(the log file is too big, I deleted some log context):
sg_logfile_20161104192229(delete some log).zip (842.9 KB)

The last frame file: M78_B_0600_2016-11-04_frame1_fpos_3091.fit



I’m not sure if this is meaningful or just coincidence. I am also not 100% certain what you mean by “choked”. In the logs, the 11th bias frames appears to save to disk fine and then moves on to the next target because the target has an end time specified:

[2016-11-3 23:16:00] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ---------> Save file took 5349ms
[2016-11-3 23:16:01] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Target past specified end time, moving to next target...

All that said, there was an odd PHD2 error during the 11th frame that I do not currently have any good explanation for:

PHD will make several attempts to re-connect the camera.

Other than the obvious, I am not sure entirely what this means. How did the API guider camera become disconnected? Or if it didn’t why does PHD2 think that it did?


Thank you, Ken~
What can I do to help you to find the reason?


My word “choked” means the last saved files and the sequence was stopped.


@sshyang I would be curious to see the PHD2 debug logs at 2016-11-3 23:14:18 to try and understand why the camera connection was dropped.


Ken, here is the PHD log file:
PHD2_DebugLog_2016-11-03_191414.zip (836.3 KB)

I hope it could help you, and if I can do anything, please tell me. :slight_smile: