Ver 2.5.17 will not start but 2.5.16 works


After I upgraded to 2.5.17, the program stopped working. When I click on the program, the icon briefly changes and then the program doesn’t start. There’s no error. When I look under the windows task list, the program is not running. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and the behavior doesn’t change. I then removed it and installed 2.5.16 and now it works. I am running win 10 on surface book.


Yeah, I dropped back to .16 a while back for the same reason…


if .17 starts to load there may be a log file in %appdata%\local\SequenceGeneratorPro


Perhaps you can upload that here and the developers can take a look!

I would uninstall, then maybe reboot and try to reinstall.


sg_logfile_20160810172547.txt (19.4 KB)
Reinstalling after a reboot doesn’t change anything. Those logs are however potentially useful. I see the errors. Of course, like Wile E. Coyote when he runs off a cliff, I don’t know what to do about it.


I had some problems going from .14 to .15. It was caused by my virus software (Avast). It may not help, but see what happens if you try to start .17 with your virus protection off.


Thanks for the suggestion, my antivirus is Windows Defender. I followed your suggestion and turned it off when installing .17 and while running .17 but that didn’t appear to help. Based upon the logs, there are several reference files that are missing or not correctly located.


Those are red herrings and are (poorly) stating that certain endpoints for the notification system are not setup. Those errors are completely ok and expected. Looks like your log is for .16 though. Did you mean to attach a lot for .17?



Sorry, I thought that was for .17. Lemme try that again.


I uninstalled .16 and then installed .17 and ran it thrice. No sg_logfile is generated by .17. I even ran it as administrator but no sg_logfile is generated. Good for nothing administrator.