Ver - DSO Browser Importer!


Hello Chaps,

So how do you actually import a list, all I see is a blank box with nothing written in it and an entry box for something ?

Tried downloading a CSV file from DSO Browser to my desktop but the importer wont allow me to pick it, then, dropped a the web page address for ‘My List’ from the site and that just produced an error.

So How do I do it guys



Sorry… this is due to a merge conflict in the code and the intended dialog did not go out… In the meantime, just add the URL of your list in the DSO-Browser site.

If your list issues an error, please send us the URL and we will work with DSO-Browser to resolve (this feature is in beta in SGPro and DSO-Browser at the same time…)


Actually… never mind. The entire release of the DSO-Browser list import is no good. No need to report errors or lists that do not work. Next release will see this functioning properly.


Cheers Ken