Version with PHD 2.6


I just went to the PHD 2 site and noticed that they are now at version 2.6. I am assuming the version 2.6 will work with SGP since it is a newer release than PHD 2.5 beta versions?


Fred K


Hi Fred,

Here’s a link to our announcement of PHD2 v2.6.0 on the PHD2 forum.

PHD2 v2.6.0 is essentially equivalent to 2.5.0dev9, so yes, it works with SGP.

The changes between 2.5.0dev9 and 2.6.0 were

  • allow faster settling when the settle time is set to zero (as discussed in a separate thread in this forum)
  • updated ZWO ASI camera SDK
  • a fix for bug affecting the Linux version of PHD2
  • some additional information added to the Guide Log
  • updated French translation



HI Andy,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m anxious for some clear skies so I can give the latest versions a try.