Waiting for mount to stop moving - problem


I’m imaging comet C/2019 F4 tonight and was hoping to make a video composed of a lot of 30 sec subs. I’d uploaded the comet’s orbital parameters to the mount handset and slewed to it using the handset. The mount was connected in SGPro only to enable my dome to sync to the scope. Guiding was disabled.

However, SGPro got stuck after 45 subs. Looking at the log - it stated that it was “Waiting for the mount to stop moving”.

I aborted the sequence and manually stopped the mount and restarted it using the mount handset - but that made no difference when I resumed the sequence. I then parked the mount, unparked it and slewed it back to the target (again using the handset) - and that also made no difference when I attempted to resume the sequence.

Then, finally, I disconnected the mount in SGPro, reconnected it…and it worked. (without doing anything to the scope since I’d slewed it back to the target)

This is the second time this has happened, but I can’t find the log for the previous occasion. Tonight’s log is here:


Any thoughts would be appreciated please.

Many thanks.

Stay safe and sane!


The issue here is that it seems the dome is able to get into a position where it never returns control to SGPro. It just never finishes the slew. Because it is slaved to the scope, this qualifies as moving.

Thanks Ken - much appreciated.

So you’re saying that the problem is that SGP is waiting for the dome - not the scope. I’ll look into it.

Thanks again


This is correct. When slaving is used, the scope and dome are considered one unit wrt slewing / moving. If one is slewing so is the other.

Thanks Ken. Got it now!!