Weather file integration with SGPro 3


Hello all,
I am looking to use SGPro in a remote observatory setting. The observatory itself is something like a community style observatory that has multiple piers in there. I will be parking my equipment on one of the piers. The observatory has one weather station (SkyAlert) that produces a Boltwood II type weather data file. This file will be shared by all those that are using piers in the observatory.

My question is - how do I integrate the weather data file with SGPro such that based on the weather data, I can stop/resume imaging for the night?

I am using SGPro

Please let me know if you need any more information.



If you have network file share access to the observatory computer then it should be possible to point the Boltwood driver to the file on the observatory computer.

The data file address would look something like:

The people running the remote observatory should be able to help.


Hi Chris,
Thanks for the response. I will have access to the share drive on the observatory computer where the Boltwood file will be stored. However, the question really is - where in SGP do I select the file? Or are you suggesting that I should install the observatory ASCOM driver and select it under “observatory” within SGP?

Given that I am renting a pier at the observatory, I am not allowed to operate the roof, so all I can do is, start end of sequence routine (stop imaging, park mount, etc.) based on weather data.

Additionally, does SGP have the capability to continue monitoring the weather file and re-start imaging if weather were to clear again (based on relevant criteria)?



Hi Dhaval

In the equipment sequencer expand the equipment list. On the Environment Tab select the Ascom Boltwood Conditions profile. Click the “spanner” tab and type in the link to your Boltwood file.



Resurrecting an old thread, with essentially the same kind of question.

First of all, Steve, I appreciate pointing me to how to include the Boltwood conditions profile in SGP.

Having said that, I still have a couple other questions -

  1. When I go to “set up”, I don’t see a way to indicate what are safety thresholds with regards to some of the parameters included on the weather file (Cloudy, Wind, Dew, etc.) - do I set those up in the actual ASCOM Observing Conditions program or do I set it up in SGPro? (NB: I could not find a place to set up the thresholds in the actual ASCOM program - I am sure that is a user error. What I did was point to where the weather file is on the share drive, but after that, there is no way to set up the thresholds).

  2. How does SGPro behave once weather thresholds have been met, but normalize after some time? I am assuming that SGPro will pause an active sequence if weather parameters meet the thresholds that I’ve set up and the question really is - will it continue to monitor the weather file during this state of pause and if it finds that the weather has improved for a certain period of time, start imaging again?



Any “weather event” will cause SGP to shut down for the night. At the moment it’s just a “once and done” trigger and will not re-activate the sequence once things get better.



Hello Jared,
Appreciate the insight with regards to whether SGPro will keep looking at the weather file to see if conditions have improved.

I still have the first question - I am pointing the ASCOM driver to the share drive file, however, there does not seem to be a way to configure for the various conditions (Clouds, dry, etc.). The Safety indicator is not turned on during imaging. Can someone please help me configure the driver in SGP?



If you’re referring to the ASCOM Boltwood OK To Image Device you set those in the settings for the device. Some screenshots are here:



Hi Jared,
That is exactly what I need. I will speak with Jim and see if he can send the Boltwood OK to image driver. I had only downloaded the Observing Conditions driver, but I see you need both.