Website encryption missing


SGP is a great software and everything looks professional. I am happy with it.
But could you think about to https-encrypt the website and the forum? Everyone who login has to transmit the password and username in clear text over the internet. Sorry to say that, but this is a big security flaw, but very easily to fix for the web team. Are there any plans to encrypt? Thanks in advance!



We can’t enable a “forward all” for some other reasons at the moment. But you can access our site over SSL:



Encryption is the SSL or the secured socket layer which is very essential for maintaining the proper security of the website. For example, the site has the SSL certificate if you look at the URL.


As I mentioned above you can get to the secured version:

We just can’t forward all connections to it at the moment for other reasons. We hope to enable this soon. All paypal transactions come through our secure site.