Went full auto - PHD and AF didn't get along


I’ve been imaging through SGP reasonably well for several months, but I’ve always calibrated PHD2 outside of SGP then autofocused on my target from within SGP before starting the sequence. This has worked fine, but I finally tried trusting SGP to handle the whole show…and hit a few snags.

First, it set PHD2 off to calibrate which was great, but just before PHD2 finished its calibration, SGP got impatient and threw up a very colorful error pop-up telling me at length about how something terrible had happened and PHD had failed. PHD2 hadn’t failed at all, it just needed another 15 seconds to finish, and after dismissing the pop-up (something I could not have done had I not been watching), I was able to resume the sequence from within SGP, but I had to do this manually.

Then AF started as expected, but I kept getting “waiting for PHD to settle” between EVERY AF frame, and it would wait 5-10 seconds while PHD2 dutifully reported it was stable before proceeding to take the next AF frame. Watching PHD2, guiding was rock solid at <0.5 total RMS. There was no obvious reason that SGP kept querying PHD2 on settle. This made AF’ing take about 3 times longer than it should.

How do I extend SGPs patience so PHD2 can complete its calibration and did I miss a few settings to let AF work without being interrupted by SGP-PHD2 settling debates?