What is SGP


Dear all,

I’m a newbie and my friend tell me to use SGP to replace the MaximDL.
I would like to clear the concept first, before move to SGP.

SGP is

  • a planner and camera controller (replace the MaximDL)
  • a focusing program. (replace the FocusMax)
  • a plate solver (To find the target position.)

Mount (EQ8) —> EQAscom —> The Sky X (to control the position)

How SGP’s plate solving function to connect to The SKY X, and tell the SKY X to move to right position? This part I miss understand the concept.

Is anyone tell me how to make the connection between SGP and TSX?

One more question.
Is it a complete setup - the SGP, The SKY X, PHD2, and EQASCOM?

For goto
For photo
For Focuser
For Framing
For Autoguiding

Do I need the other program?

Thanks for help.



Hi Funoo

You’re generally correct.

SGPro will connect to, and control your camera, filter wheel, focuser, telescope, observatory, safety and environmental monitor and provides a very comprehensive sequencing facility - and in that respect would replace Maxim and FocusMax.

SGPro interfaces with guiding programs such as PHD2 to turn guiding on and off, dither and wait to settle etc, and also with platesolve programs such as PinPoint($$), Platesolve 2 (free) and Astrometry.net (free).

With the optional framing and mosaic wizard SGPro does an excellent job of framing and mosaic layout ( I guess the clue’s in the title!? ;-)) - to the point that I no longer use a planetarium program at all, so I don’t think you need SkyX at all. SGpro will connect directly to EQAscom.

If you do want to use it, I would imagine that you just connect your scope to Sky X and SGPro - that’s what I used to do with CdC before buying the mosaic and framing wizard.

In summary - all I have running during an imaging session is SGPro and PHD2 - no need for anything else.




Dear Steve,

Thanks for your reply.

I just wonder SGPro is no Planetarium. How to point the object? Is key in Dec and Ra position?



No probs Joseph

You have a number of options - you can plate solve an existing image and centre the scope on that, you can enter RA and Dec of your target or you can search for the target name. It really is amazingly powerful.

Finally, you can just use your planetarium to point your scope at a target and image that location using SGPro.

Here’s a video demo of the mosaic and framing wizard:


The only thing that I can thing of that Maxim will do that SGPro won’t is image processing. I’d go for Pixinsight for this.

A great thing about SGPro is the level of customer support that Jared and Ken provide via the forum. I’m not sure you’d get similar service from many other software companies.

SGPro @ $160 + PI @ 230 euros = c $400. Maxim DL @ $599 + FocusMax @ $150 = $750. There’s no contest in my opinion.

If I were you I’d try it all by taking the SGPro and PI free trials and see what you think.

Just so you know - I have no links to MS Software - I’m just a very happy customer from the UK.




Dear Steve,

That is sound great. I have PI already. I need to pay for SGPro only,

One more question:

Is SGPro good to support most of hardware?

such as Skywatcher, Sbig, Qhy, Feathertouch focuser and so on.

Do I need the ASCOM and EQmod?

Thanks for your help. :>



Hi again Joseph.

In my experience, SGPro seems to handle most equipment - especially if it has an ASCOM driver.

I would definitely stick with ASCOM and EQMOD.

The safest thing to do if you have any doubt is to install a free trial.




Dear Steve,

Sorry for late feed back.

I just pay for SGPro, and join the family.

Let me try it, and see what is going on.

Thanks again your kindly advice.



No probs at all.

Welcome to the club Joseph!!