What is the Exposure limit in SGP?

I need to know if the exposure tab in SGP is in second, ms or um?

I have a camera with the shortest exposure of 64us which is 0.000064s is this what I need to type in or does the value correspond to ms? The reason I ask is because there is an “s” behind if you choose the 1s option, but the desimal figure do not show so I dont know if I am supposed to put in ms or us ?
A clarification here would be good.

This is only for creating Bias frames in SGP, nothing else

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Should I put it in s or ms? 0.000064 or 0.064

Just set the exposure type to “Bias” and SGP will request the shortest exposure that your camera states it can make.

The field is generally in seconds or minutes. Values like 300s and 5m are both valid. But we don’t support entering below seconds (fractional seconds are fine)


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Thank you Jared :slight_smile:

That makes it easy then.