What Notificaton to Select for Abort Only (Not Alert, Warnings, etc.)?

Hello! I’d like to configure an external notification when SGPro aborts only - not for alerts, warnings, errors, etc. Is this possible? I’ve tried all the notifications (I think), and they send alerts for more than just aborts. Thank you for your help. Mike

Errors indicate that the sequence cannot continue (almost always). I think that’s what you want.

Hello! There appear to be other errors besides sequence abort. When I ran a script tonight, if the image does not sync, then I receive a notification when I have checked the errors notification box. SGPro then goes on to try to sync again with double the exposure (often successful) or repeats every ten minutes (if clouds, for example). In this case, an error is generated even though the sequence does not abort and typically continues on after the sync time is doubled. Is there a way to receive a notification if a sequence aborts only rather than for other errors besides about? Thank you. Mike

Not sure what this means. Are you referring to syncing the mount?

This is what the error category is for… If other junk is in it, we will clean it up.

Thanks! When I ran my sequence last night with error notifications, I received a number of notifications of errors for failure of sync/plate solve of the field rather than sequence abort. This happened when PinPoint did not sync/plate solve and SGPro rolled over to a blind sync/plate solve with Astrometry.net. Additionally, an error message was generated when PinPoint synced/plate solved, but the image center was beyond my 50 pixel prescribed distance and the scope had to recenter. Since most of my slews are over 50 pixel distant from the target with my old LX200 classic, in the past, I have received a lot of error messages that I was not concerned about. Best regards. Mike

You should adjust the 50 pixels tolerance to somethikng suitable instead of often having to disregard an error like that, try with 100-150 pixels tolerance.

For fast/better plate solving i suggest you switch to ASTAP instead, it’s faster than all the other choices.

I have removed that message from the error category (in SGPro versions greater than

Hello! I activated notifications again tonight. I am running I still get a notification with failure of centering rather than abort even though I only have errors checked. For example, when I image the variable W CET, it is hit or miss whether PinPoint or Astrometry.net will platesolve the field even though I can visually ensure that the variable is in the field. This happens when the field gets low in altitude or some other problem causes decrease in light, such as high clouds. I prefer to let SGPro fun for the number of times I’ve asked for rechecks, now every ten minutes for 6 times. At that time SGPro would abort, and I would like to receive a notification at that time (or the program would continue once the altitude restriction is reached - currently 30 degrees above the horizon). Is there is a way to receive a notification for abort only rather than failure of centering. Best regards. Mike