When guiding interrupts


Could we have a feature that captures what’s been integrated by the camera when guiding failure stops the sequence?

this would be great for us folks in almost permanently cloudy night skies. I’m just thinking I’m two thirds of the way through my 15 minute image when guiding failure interrupts…

thanks for considering


We can look into it but probably not. The issue is that the camera would need to support the image being aborted and still being able to be downloaded (most don’t). When we request an image it is for a specific amount of time and if we have to cancel it to stop the integration the camera throws the data away.



ok, thanks for considering Jared.

btw I used the gear for the first time in 9 months or so last night and I
like the closer integration of SGP and PHD2. Worked well.
best wishes


Just another thought Jared could another way to achieve this be to let the
exposure continue to completion before interrupting the sequence?
Perhaps there could be an option in control panel to allow this behaviour?

I lost a 20 minute image with just one second left. …

Thanks for considering.


Guiding won’t currently interrupt the sequence unless you’re using the frame restart option. It sounds like you are and probably want to turn that off.

Also keep on mind that in most cases that frame will be pretty ugly.



thanks Jared, I’ll find that and turn it off. Brilliant, thanks,


just checked this Jared and in the equipment profile autoguider tab, the
frame restart checkbox is not ticked.

I do have recovery on and typically when I lose guiding due to passing
cloud, SGP may be part way through an image capture, but when guiding comes
back sgp restarts the event - as I mentioned I was 1 second away from
capturing a 20 minute frame.

Thanks for any thoughts.

best wishes