When will the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera be supported?


Hi guys,

any idea when the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera will be supported? There is already a SDK that has support for this camera.


I have not personally messed with it. Does it not use the normal Canon SDKs?



Yes, it should use the normal SDK but it is only supported in the SDK of end september 2018.
Can I just overwrite the SDK files with the latest ones?


Jared, I have tried with the latest SDK. Picture is taken normal and SGP is saying it is downloading the picture but nothing is shown on the pc. Probably something with the new CR3 format of Canon?

The newer Canon camera’s seems to have the new CR3 format, is it possible to add that format to SGP or should I do a request for that?



We’ll have to do some research about this but we’ll look into it.