Where Are Profiles Stored?


I’ve installed SGPro on my desktop computer. This is simply to allow me to set up new profiles in preparation for a night of imaging away from home without having to get out my field laptop. My intent is to create the sequence on my desktop using an equipment profile already on my field laptop, then transfer it to my field laptop via USB thumb drive.

The problem I’ve encountered is that I can’t find any profiles on my field laptop. Where in the directory will I find them?


Look under Tools/Options/Profiles Directory. Is there anything there?

What I do is set the default profile directory to a shared drive on my network (or you could use a file sharing service like Dropbox). Then when you update a profile or sequence on one computer it will automatically update on the other computer.


I go the dropbox route. Makes sharing easy. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to have the same devices installed on both machines (specifically ASCOM drivers) or you’ll have missing equipment when you transfer the profile/sequence over.



Thanks for the replies! The need for the ASCOM Drivers would have caused me some confusion. Thanks for that tip.