Which Camera Drivers Should be Installed?


I recently acquired an Atik 314L plus ccd camera.

I wish to control the camera using SGP.

I am not using a filter wheel or autofocuser on this setup.

The camera comes with an installation disc which in addition to the camera drivers also includes an optional ‘ASCOM Atik driver’.

Given that I already have ASCOM 6 installed on my computer, is it necessary or desirable to install this ‘ASCOM Atik driver’ in order to operate the camera under the control of SGP.


Yes, you need to install the Atik ASCOM driver. ASCOM 6.2 is like the base
operating system, then you need to install the individual ASCOM components
for each device.


Also I’d recommend getting the latest drivers from Atik’s site and not using the ones that came with the camera.