Why can't you adjust brightness on Flip-Flat while running the Flats Calibration Wizard?


Why can’t you adjust brightness on Flip-Flat while running the Flats Calibration Wizard?



Unregard… you can as long as it’s part of the profile you’re editing.


I do have one question. What are the settings you guys are using for these? At max brightness it seems like I need 4-5 minute exposures for 3-nm filters… is that about right?

Does SGP automatically close the Flip Flat when it’s complete with the sequence? Or do I need to write a script for that?


I don’t use a Flip Flat but 5min subs for flats? That would drive me insane. I adjust my light source so that it takes about 10-15sec.


Related question,
has there been any update so that you can use the flip flap mid sequence?




I’m interested in getting a flip-flat for my setup. Was there a fix that you found to the unusually long exposures for narrowband flats?


Nothing has changed here. You’ve always been able to set the brightness for your flip flat. However the flats calibration wizard won’t do it for you. You need to establish a baseline first and then you can enter those values into the Flats setup under the Filter Setup:

When SGP goes to take flats in the Flats Calibration Wizard it will set your flatbox to those values for that filter and binning.

Yes automatic would be better. But juggling 2 things is more difficult and since the vast majority of our users don’t have automatic flat boxes we have to balance the need vs other features.

Hope that helps,


I use 150 for my LRGB filters and 255 for my narrow band filters. You set it on the filters tab in your equipment pane.

That should give you a good baseline to deviate from. I really like my flip flat btw.



Likewise I use the FlipFlat with SGP and almost all my stuff is Narrow Band. As said above - just enter the brightness manually once (or adjust manually if not happy with the first results) and you won’t have to touch it again. The wizard will work fine and all flats can be done ‘at the touch of a button’ anytime you need them after that.