Why do I sometimes get duplicate images?


After a session I sometimes find two copies of an image. The first will be something like 2015_11_18_011329_1200sec_HA_frame4.fit and the duplicate will be 2015_11_18_011329_1200sec_HA_frame4@234d46cvb589gjkj85gf.fit, with a seemingly random set of letters and numbers following the @… This has been going on for ages, with many versions of SGP, but I just delete the duplicates, so haven’t worried about it. Sorry, I should have mentioned it long ago.



I can’t think of a single thing that would cause this behavior in SGPro (nor has this behavior been reported anywhere else). From what you posted it almost looks like something external to SGPro might be prepping these fits files for backup (by making copies and then failing to remove them). Do you have anything like that on your machine?


Yes, that could explain it. There’s some backup software on there that I’ll remove. Thanks Ken.