Wierd problem with meridian

I have noticed on some occasions that SGp stops the sequence to make a meridian flip even though the object is in the northwest.
The Meridian flip always fails. If I turn off the meridian flip and continue the sequence, the RA stops getting corrections in PHD2.
Have had this phenomenon with both HEQ5 and EQ6-R. I use the same drivers for both mounts so I suspect it is something
in EQMOD, but what? I have “Limits” disabled.

It is important to mention when the objects are at the meridian to the south, the flip is done without any problems every time.

Last night when this happened I was shooting Melotte 15, at 11:40pm. The RA axis stood almost straight down and the telescope on the “wrong” side of the pier. (West side pointing west)
I did a reset and started over with new platesolve, but same problem. Can’t guide in RA at this point.

Would be grateful if anyone recognizes this and can help me.

Regards /Andreas

I had the same thing happened to me last night. Imaging M 33 and just before it went low on the horizon in the north west SGP performed a Meridian flip. Image was lost. Guiding pulses were still sent but Ra curve was off the chart and never returned despite a plethora of pulses. . Had to reset and start imaging something else. Very new to SGP so I’m not really sure what happened but definitely had the same meridian flip in the Northwest. CGX, PHD all through ASCOM control.

Really? Interesting to see that more people have had the same problem. It seems you and I are the only ones. I have searched and written in every astro forum I know without getting a sensible answer. Hope the guys at Sequence have some theory. We will keep each other updated if we find a solution to the problem.

Hi Andreas,

Assuming you are at V2.00q or newer:

Open the EQMOD Toolbox and press “Driver Setup”. This brings you into “EQMOD ASCOM SETUP“. Make sure you have “Strict Conformance” active (under ASCOM Options) and that “Allow Auto Meridian Flip” is deactivated (under General Options).

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Wow thank you so much!! Stupid question, but can SGP still do the meridian flip when checking off the meridian automation from EQMOD?

I have had this problem once (so, at least three of us had this experience). Didn’t think to report it as I never had it occur again (though the conditions haven’t been the same either - moved on to different regions of the sky). I will also check my settings.

I hope we get our issues fixed now. Now we can only wait for the weather gods.

Was the object below the pole? The pointing state changes when the object goes below the pole, this is really the only special case for a meridian flip.

Yes, the automation from EQMOD actually causes more issues here than it helps. Best to only have one thing (SGP in this case) controlling the flip as if EQMOD does it without SGP knowing then you’ll almost certainly end up with a failed sequence as your guiding will fail and you’ll likely be off target.


Tonight it is starry and I have now photographed the same subject as before when I discovered the strange meridian flip message. I did as you said in Ascom Driver Setup and the item has now crossed the critical limit. IT WORKED!!! YAAAY I love you !!! Thank you so much for your input. Such forums and people like you mean so much to this hobby. Mvh Andreas

Thank you very much Andreas. Glad I could help.

Kind regards,